Students may find a great path in the field of instrument care and maintenance, even if they don’t feel inclined to learn the actual instrument. Consider these options if someone is interested in this area. It may also be a good additional unit for students who are learning instrumental methods.

  • Drum Maintenance: changing heads, tuning heads, cleaning cymbals, repairing minor problems, set-up and tear-down for the various pieces of equipment.
  • Guitar Technician: changing strings, tuning and prepping guitars for performance, cleaning, neck care and maintenance, intonation and set-up.
  • Wiring and Electrical Engineering: soldering cables, repairing electronics, preparing electronic parts for use, circuit and transistor functions, amplifier maintenance and repair, and modifications.

I have found success in helping students do these basic maintenance tasks. Students tend to find pride and ownership when keeping their equipment clean, prepared, and properly functioning. For students who like CTE, especially craftsmanship-oriented classes like woodworking and shop, this may be a good place to utilize the skills they have elsewhere in the area of music and its technical elements.


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